About Us

Mykonos International Film Festival is a worldwide organization for filmmakers. From rising artist to international professionals looking for share their expertise, talent and knowledge on this new era of our industry. 

Welcome to the Mykonos International Film Festival! We are aiming to find globally talented filmmakers from all across the planet and help them to professionally promote and expand their projects in our network, with our allies and associates.


Or even more than one. It’s a short, music video, script or quarantine project?  


Presumably, it’s not and won’t be your unique project or film. We are pretty sure, you don’t want it to be your last work. 

Your project requires to be seen and presented to the World. You’ll be part of our cinema community, present your, creativity, art and style of creating a film.


The city of Mykonos and most specifically the Mykonos International Film Festival is the best spot to advance into the world of cinema. Mykonos has a generous environment for filmmaking. It may be here that your career earnings professional exposure. And it will also be here that you may connect with the allies and partners for your succeeding production.

“We are engaged to bring the best films and projects in the planet.

We believe films must make people look at what they have forgotten” 

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